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Kitchen Detox Challenge!

Kitchen Detox Challenge_IG.png

Raise your hand if you’ve opened your fridge and said “there’s nothing to eat!” ✋🏼 

Raise your hand if your pantry is packed to the gills and you don’t have a clue what’s all the way in the back? ✋🏼 

If this is your kitchen you must be feeling super disorganized, cluttered, and totally overwhelmed! 

I cannot tell you how many conversations I’ve had with clients wanting to get their health under control, yet their kitchen pantry was filled with canned foods, expired spices, and boxes of easy-to-prepare meals that didn’t serve their health goals. Even more, because we’re creatures of habit we tend to buy the same weekly staples over and over. It becomes a vicious cycle! With a little bit of effort YOU. CAN. BREAK. THE. CYCLE. Promise. 

In celebration of our podcast launch on Nov 8, Kristen & I wanted to do a FREE kitchen detox. Say WHATTTTTTT!

This means we’ll be walking you through cleaning out your cabinets, fridge and freezer and replacing expired, processed and no-longer-serving-you items for foods that TRULY will support your health. Because honestly, if your kitchen isn’t healthy, you won’t be either.  

How it works:

Starts: Oct 28

Ends: No 4

How it works:  Kristen and I will be popping on FB live Monday, Oct 28 and Monday, Nov 4 to guide you through the challenge of cleaning out your kitchen!

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