To understand nutritional therapy, you must first understand nutrition.

Nutrition is the science that focuses on the interaction between living organisms and their food. Specifically, the process of how our body utilizes nutrients found in those foods for health, growth, and vitality.

To drive this home: the very basic cells that create your tissues, organs, and systems all rely on nutrients for health and growth. 

That is to say, the foods you eat or don’t eat directly affects your health. Period. 

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy provides a holistic, individualized approach to health. We address the root causes of poor health and correct nutritional imbalances to achieve optimal wellness. Nutritional Therapy recognizes six overarching foundations of health as it relates specifically to nutrition:

  • Diet

  • Digestion

  • Blood Sugar Balance

  • Mineral Balance

  • Fatty Acid Balance

  • Hydration

When these foundations are supported and strengthened, you will experience vibrant, robust health. Conversely, when these foundations are imbalanced or weak, consequences arise in the form of symptoms, illness, and eventually, disease. 

As a Nutritional Therapist, I do not diagnose or treat disease. Instead, viewing the body as the beautiful interconnected system it is, I figure out WHY you’re experiencing those awful and uncomfortable symptoms so we can address them head on. Nutritional Therapists are rigorously trained to investigate and detect these core imbalances. Through a detailed health history, in-depth nutritional assessment, food journal analysis, hands-on functional evaluation, and Lingual-Neuro testing, I will provide you with a realistic, individualized nutrition plan to educate and empower you on your incredible journey to optimal health. 

Who can benefit from Nutritional Therapy?

Anyone ready to commit to their long term health and wellness. 

I work with a variety of health concerns and goals, including, but not limited to:

  • Adrenal fatigue

  • Allergies, both seasonal & food related

  • Anxiety/Depression/Panic Attacks

  • Autoimmune disorders, including Hashimoto’s & Grave’s

  • Blood sugar imbalances, including hypo/hyperglycemia & diabetes

  • Digestive issues including IBS, bloating & constipation

  • Fertility/Conception, pregnancy, & postpartum

  • High cholesterol

  • Insomnia

  • Inflammation & chronic pain

  • Low energy & chronic fatigue

  • Skin problems, including eczema & acne

  • Women's health, including PMS, PCOS, fibroids, menopausal symptoms & more

  • Weight issues

  • ...& more

Be kind to yourself. You have one life and you’ve already taken the first step to begin your journey towards optimal health and wellness. With some time and commitment, you can live a life of vibrancy and abundance. It’s all in your hands.


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