As a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner I recognize that one size does not fit all. For that reason, all services may be customized to suit your individual needs. With that being said, change requires committment, accountability, and support.  While some clients may benefit from a single initial consultation with a la carte follow-ups,  many clients will require the on-going accountability and support to truly succeed at implementing these new lifestyle changes. In an effort to help you achieve lasting change, I've created packages at discounted rates to suit every need. 

Individual Services

Initial Consultation

Our first meeting will be a 90-minute comprehensive nutritional assessment. We will review your eating habits and lifestyle by way of a  food journal, and discover any nutritional deficiencies you may have through an in-depth nutritional questionnaire.  In this meeting, you will have the opportunity to express any feelings, concerns, or symptoms you may have. From this,  we will set attainable goals and begin building a plan.  You will leave this appointment with personalized nutritional recommendations and wellness resources.

Functional Evaluation + Supplement Testing

The Functional Evaluation (FE) is a process in which we can identify organ systems under stress and then prioritize support accordingly. When an organ system becomes stressed, blood and/or lymph is shunted to these networks in an effort to draw the necessary nutrients to support the organ. This collection of fluid takes up space at the organ system and registers as tenderness in the body.  Through a series of palpations, we discover where this tenderness may lie so we can properly address which organs are under-functioning and contributing to your body's overall dysfunction. The FE is a reliable method of regaining nutritional balance and overall wellbeing, based on biochemical individuality.

(for current in-person clients who have completed their intitial consultation)


The follow-up appointment will provide you with continued personalized nutrition guidance, support, and coaching. This a la carte follow-up does not include text and email support outside appointments. For those clients who need ongoing support and accountability, I have created follow-up bundles.

Nutritional Therapy Packages

For those clients with specific health goals in mind, these packages provide the accountability and support necessary to achieve lasting success.


90-min Initial Consultation

(2) 30-min follow-up

(1) NAQ

Continued email/text support between appointments



90-min Initial Consultation

(4)  30-min follow-up

60-min flex time*

(2) NAQ

Continued email/text support between appointments


90-min Initial Consultation

(6)  30-min follow-up

60-min flex time*

(3) NAQ

Continued email/text support between appointments

*60-mins of my time that will serve you best on your journey. This may be a 60-min Skype call, two more phone follow-ups, a grocery store tour, or whatever else we may decide along the way.

Follow-up bundles

Continued support for after your package ends. Includes continued support between appointments.


(3) 30-min follow-up

(1) NAQ

Continued email/text support between appointments


(6) 30-min follow-up

(2) NAQ

Continued email/text support between appointments


(9) 30-min follow-up

(3) NAQ

Continued email/text support between appointments

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(self paced option only)

Additional Wellness Services

Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire

I offer this as an a la carte service because a lot of people need to "see it" in order to "believe it". This could be the first step you take before you decide to dive into anything deeper. If you later decide to move forward, the cost of the NAQ will be put towards any package. 

*This service will provide you with a graph indicating which systems/organs are not functioning optimally. This does not include personalized recommendations.

60-minute Pantry Sweep

The pantry sweep is an opportunity for us to go over the items you currently have in your pantry/refrigerator and discover what is no longer serving you. In doing this, I will provide you with suggestions on what to replace those items with. Or, you can combine this with the Grocery Tour at a discounted rate and we can shop together! 
*within a 10 mile radius, anything further will incur an additional travel expense

90-minute Grocery Shopping Tour

You can share this with up to 4 friends, or keep it a personal experience. Through this grocery tour, we will discover the aisles to spend your time in, aisles to avoid, and how to purchase the best food for you and your family. I will provide handouts that you can bring with you whenever you're shopping to remind you of the things you learned.  

Wellness Box  

For in-person consultations, I will gather all items I recommend so you can leave the appointment to get started right away! No shopping, no guessing.


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Above all, I care about your health. I want you to feel confident in our partnership, and with that, I want to provide you with as much information as possible. Below is a description of the tools I may use in our initial consultation and follow-up appointments. If you have any questions, please contact me!

  • Food & Mood Journal Analysis This will be a three to five day food and mood journal that you enter onto the Nutri-Q platform. I will give you specific instructions on how to fill this out. It’s a wonderful opportunity to become more aware of your eating/lifestyle habits, both good and bad. It will provide both of us with a clearer understanding of where you need the most help so we could begin to prioritize and get you the support you need.

  • Personalized Nutrition Recommendations I will provide you very personalized nutritional recommendations, along with short and long term goals. We are in this together, so I’ll make sure that the plan is not only tailored to you but also realistic for where you're at in your health journey.

  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) In my opinion, this is one of the most powerful tools in my tool belt. Here, you'll answer 350 questions and in turn I will be able to pin-point your precise system imbalances and dysfunction. The NAQ is also available as an add-on service if you ever want to just check in with your system.

  • Functional Evaluation (FE) The FE is a hands-on physical component of our consultation. Here I'll palpate different areas of your body to tap into your body's inherent wisdom to further discover where you have specific organ weakness and system imbalances.

  • Lingual-Neuro Testing (LNT) The LNT is a bio-feedback tool that uses the body's innate intelligence to determine which specific nutrient(s) can work to correct the system imbalances we've discovered through all of our foundational tools.